Pattern Mixing Looks Better on Kids

Pattern Mixing

Talking about mix matching, when it comes to trying adventurous fashion trends like pattern mixing, kids frequently have adults beat. Their sense of play and lack of inhibition lead them to try combinations that adults would never dare. But we know there are ways to successfully mix patterns and prints that feel bold without getting too crazy.

If your mother ever warned you that patterns don’t mix, you may still be a believer in this common decorating myth. Well, consider it busted! A lively mix of different patterns and prints makes for a fun and interesting design, adding an element of playfulness that works perfectly in kid-friendly spaces.

How do I Mix these Patterns

Mixing patterns is actually much easier than you may think.

When mixing patterns, make sure to choose two or three different types. You might pair stripes with polka dots, or polka dots with florals— just make sure that each pattern is distinct.

Multiple patterns of the same type confuse the eye, which takes a moment to register that the patterns are similar but not alike. But varied patterns are instantly distinguishable, creating clear contrast and resulting in fresh and more visually interesting designs.

That’s why it’s important to consider other details, like color, when making your choices.

It is a good idea to break up your patterns with blocks of solid color.

Patterns are “pack elements.” Together they make a statement, but alone, they tend to get lost in the mix.

Another helpful tip is to choose patterns that vary in scale. Multiple large-scale prints compete for focus, distracting the onlooker, but a mix of small and intricate patterns can look too busy. Again, contrast will produce the best results. Use both small and large-scale patterns

Ankara Patterns

Creativity is the mother of all inventions they say, who would have thought that we will be Mix Matching Ankara Fabric. Few years ago, mix matching styles are made because there are not enough material to make a dress, these days it is a popular fashion trend. Mixing ankara patterns can also be very attractive. We are not looking at mixing ankara patterns with polished cotton, Mixing different ankara pattern together is another way of mix matching clothes for kids though you need take cautions choosing the right patterns to match in order not end up going off color.

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