Floral Children’s Fashion Trends for Clothing

Floral Prints

Floral prints date back to thousands of years. Long ago, flowers held deep meaning and symbolism, which people enjoyed incorporating into their clothing. Flowers are known as a universal symbol of femininity, which is prevalent in different cultures and time periods. Floral prints are diverse and have always been in production… something we don’t see changing anytime soon. Trends are usually established in adult clothing and are then adapted into children’s wear.

Floral prints typically make us think of warm weather and sunny days. Flowers carry a happy connotation and it feels good to wear them, so why not! Floral is all about having fun with fashion and embracing the excitement of summer. The print is versatile – you can find it on everything from casual kids bathing suits to exquisite wedding dresses. The floral theme also makes great accessories that give you more ways to work the flowers into your style. And if you’re a girly girl at heart, wearing floral is a perfect way to show your feminine side.

Floral Children’s Fashion Trends for Clothing

Floral prints come in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, and designs. Does your little girl have a favorite flower? Look for a dress with her flower print on it. Kids should love what they are wearing and this is a great way to ensure that. Experts remind us to keep an eye on the size of the print when choosing a dress for your little girl. Smaller girls might avoid larger prints as they could engulf a petite frame.

We can also introduce floral into a boy’s wardrobe as long as we choose the right floral,keep the print in mind , Avoid having competing design elements in your outfit and use  youthful, or traditionally masculine elements to balance it out, then you are good to go.

Floral prints can be used for gowns, ties, bow tie, shirts, skirts, tops, blazers, shorts and many other wears.

Five Floral Print Fashion Trend Tips

Choose lightweight fabrics that breathe well this summer. Cotton, linen, rayon, and chiffon are just a few that work well.

Feel free to mix patterns! Just make sure there’s one color that ties both prints together. Black and navy are great options.

To create a slimming illusion and draw the eye in, explore dresses with flowers gathering down the center.

Be bold! Summer is your excuse to wear bright, vivid colors. If your wardrobe is filled with mostly dark solids, adding a floral print can be just what you need to match your outfit with your summer state of mind.

Floral accessories can add a hint of femininity to your look. Try flower inspired sandals, sunglasses with flowers printed on them, or shade your face with a floral printed sun hat.


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